Logitec Solar KeyboardTired of always having to change the batteries in your wireless keyboard?  I know I am…keyboard is dead again?!? Replace batteries (once I find them), reset connection…ok, finally, I can do my work!

Well, I think I’ve found the solution!  Newegg has the Logitech K750 Black USB RF Wireless Slim solar-powered Keyboard on sale for $69.99.  Follow these instructions to get it for only $44.99! (or $49.99 if you are a returning Newegg customer).

  • Head on over to Newegg
  • Enter the item code: N82E16823126199 in the search
  • Add the Logitech Wireless Solar-powered Keyboard to your cart
  • Enter the following code in the Promo Code box
    • NEWGEEK10 (if you are a new Newegg customer)
    • EMCKFHD48 (if you are a returning Newegg customer)
  • You may get an error stating these are valid codes, but won’t work, don’t worry, just refresh your cart and it will show the discount applied
  • Complete your order
  • Fill out and submit the $15 rebate

It looks like this is getting pretty good reviews so far.  At $44.99, it is a little pricey for just a keyboard, but just imagine how much you’ll save in battery and electric costs!  🙂