The Lord of Nothing is the fifth premium DLC for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, wrapping up the story of the second DLC, Through the Ashes. Explore new and unique locations, make new friends, and face a powerful demon lord in order to bring Sendri and Rekarth’s story to its long-awaited finale. The outcome of your adventure — and for the characters, depends solely on you and your choices. After all, there are more than five unique endings in the DLC.

In The Lord of Nothing DLC you will have to survive frozen lands, uncover the secrets of a mysterious wizard’s tower, help some Kellids in blooming caves, and even delve into the Shadow Plane! But you won’t be alone: an angel of Sarenrae with a tragic past and a captivating new android companion will join you as you confront the evil flourishing in the remote corners of Golarion. And don’t think your commander is being left out — a new quest and dungeon will be available to complete in the fifth chapter of the base game.

Continue your journey with a character from Through the Ashes DLC or create a new one: 15 new archetypes, new spells and new feats await you. All of these will also be available in the main campaign when creating a new character or retraining one.